About US

Jeff Keyes

Keyes Hunting Gear, founded in January 2008, is headquartered in Noblesville, Indiana. Its unique and innovative product line is focused on providing hunters camouflage packs and hunting gear products that meet all their needs in the field. Their inaugural product line was unveiled for the 2009 hunting season. All products are manufactured in Fair Labor Association and Social Accountability International approved factories.

“After spending countless hours hunting deer from a tree stand I was frustrated by not being able to quickly and quietly access my hunting accessories”, said Jeff Keyes who developed the concept of the tree locker. “So I thought about what I wanted and needed as a hunter and drew up a sketch of the Tree Locker. I then sought the talents of an award winning industrial designer of backpacks to translate my ideas into a finished product.” The result is a backpack that meets all the needs of the stealth tree stand hunter.